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We’re able to work with Italian Pistons and Rods to offer you custom-made rods, pistons and clutches for racing cars and road cars of any brand. As an industry leader in the field, we can guarantee quality, reliability and durable products that meet all your requirements.


We offer the highest quality pistons and connecting rods, custom-made for you. Choose from our exclusive lines of products below

Why choose us?


100% Italian

Our products are developed and built in our establishment in Italy, with 100% Italian certified materials.




All our products are custom-made for you. Each product is developed and built with both standard manufactured and custom parts.




With more than 10 years’ worth of experience, we can assure you that every step of our production will meet your expectations.



High quality

As custom-made, 100% authentic Italian products, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re products are of the highest quality.




High quality materials combined with the best technology ensures that each product is crafted to satisfy both aeronautical and military standards.



Built for you

Our new product lines are designed to satisfy all your needs as a customer, including your budget, whether you’re an engine enthusiast to a professional racing pilot.



For more information on our lines to find what’s right for you contact us on 01962 855 969 or email us at